Agent Reseller Program

Sales agents and sales companies differentiate themselves in their marketplace by partnering with ePaymentAmerica to resell our products and services. Resellers may or may not be exclusive to the Payment Card Industry, but find value in adding merchant services to their current line of products. We offer partner programs to suit a reseller’s individual needs. Our programs are also revenue-generating, and create minimal to no impact on a reseller’s daily operations.

We fully train a reseller and its staff, if applicable, on selling and marketing reseller-branded merchant services. Reseller will submit new account paperwork to ePaymentAmerica for boarding and receives agent-based residual.

Reseller Referral Program

Reseller refers new business opportunities to ePaymentAmerica through our marketing and communication tools. We handle 100% of the sales and marketing process and provide a referral-based residual to the reseller. We fully handle the operational needs of our shared customers, including risk and PCI Compliance, and we regularly provide reporting to the reseller.