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PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) requires all merchants to become and maintain PCI compliance.

Rapid Comply

ePaymentAmerica has arranged PCI compliance services through the First Data Rapid Comply solution.

You can use the link below to access Rapid Comply and obtain your compliance certificate:    Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 4.02.55 PM

Phone: 1-866-359-0978

Or contact us directly at:     

Phone: 1-888-221-2203 option #3

For more information:

What is PCI Compliance?
PCI Security Standards Council’s resources for merchants!

EMV Compliance

EMV chip technology is becoming the global standard for credit card and debit card payments. Named after its original developers (Europay, MasterCard® and Visa®), this smart chip technology features payment instruments (cards, mobile phones, etc.) with embedded microprocessor chips that store and protect cardholder data. Learn more.

ePaymentAmerica Program Guide

For Merchants in the United States – Program Terms and Conditions (Program Guide)

For Merchants on the Virgin Islands (only) – Program Terms and Conditions (Program Guide)

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