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Brand your business and bring customers back with eLoyalty, our gift and loyalty card programs!

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Customer Demand for gift and loyalty cards is skyrocketing because they are the perfect gift for someone who is hard to buy for, and retailers are benefiting from meeting that demand.

Loyalty cards remind customers to visit the merchant’s location to get their loyalty points.

Gift and loyalty cards are evolving beyond the retail market to many non-traditional markets because the benefits are universal. They both differentiate merchants from their competition, generating customer loyalty and appreciation!

Gift Card Research Shows:

  • Consumers spend twice the face value of a gift card.
  • Recipients purchase 20% more than the value of their gift card.
  • When displayed, gift cards are an impulse purchase item.
  • Gift cards decrease the amount of returned merchandise.
  • Gift cards increase sales during quiet seasons.
  • 10% of gift cards are unredeemed.

How Our Loyalty Card Program Works:

  • Magnetic-striped cards are used to track customer purchases.
  • Tracking can include number of visits, amount of purchase, or other measurements.
  • Points are rewarded to the customer for dollar amount spent or merchandise redemption.
  • Customers and merchants, alike, can track their points on our eLoyalty website!

Why we’re different.

As a full-service merchant service operation, we provide our own sales, marketing, risk management, underwriting, customer service, and technical support in-house. We do not outsource any of our services.

Our wholesale processing status in the Payment Card Industry, coupled with our in-house services, allows us to be more cost-effective for our customers. We guarantee a minimum 10% savings over any of our competitors.

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