Association Partnerships

Associations partner with ePaymentAmerica to offer a Member Benefit Program for the members of their association. We will customize a program that is unique to your organization, one that truly adds an exclusive benefit for membership. Our association partners can choose our products that would tie directly into your organization’s needs and be the most appropriate as a member benefit offer, but are not limited to one product or one benefit.

Our association partners also receive benefits from our partnership, including revenue share options and marketing or sponsorship commitments. We will work with your association’s team to develop a program that suits both your organization and your members’ needs.

Market Solutions

ePaymentAmerica’s precise industry-specific solutions:

Member Benefits

  • Exclusive Credit and Debit Card Processing Rates
  • Product Discounts
  • Equipment Discounts
  • Exclusive Customer Service Hotlines

Association Benefits

  • Affinity Programs and Revenue Generation
  • Marketing Commitments
  • Sponsorships
  • Advertising