Accept Apple Pay™ Payments


One touch to pay on iOS

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. that lets users make payments using compatible Apple devices in an easy, secure, and private way.

Benefits of Accepting Apple Pay

Just as debit cards made checks virtually obsolete, Apple Pay will push aside physical credit cards. They will be sitting on the shelves next to your old cassettes to show your children how payments were made “in the old days”.

In addition to providing you with an advantage over competitors who don’t accept Apple Pay, you’ll be preparing for the inevitable point of sale standards reform come October 2015. There’s a reason old cash registers are in antique stores now. The future is here.

How Much Does Apple Pay Cost?

The cost for Apple Pay is the same as if your customer were to pay with a credit card, the same fees and rates your merchant services provider already charges.

How Does My Company Accept Apple Pay?

In order to accept Apply Pay, you need an NFC terminal. Walkie-talkies only work when both pieces are on the same frequency. The same is true for Apple Pay. Just because the iPhone has Apple Pay enabled doesn’t mean it can communicate with just any point of sale system. An NFC terminal is required.

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