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eLaw from ePaymentAmerica

A credit and debit card processing program designed just for the legal industry.

ePaymentAmerica is the preferred processor for bar associations nationwide.

From Hawaii to Queens, Nashville to Wichita, we save attorneys money.

Wholesale Pricing

We save law firms an average of 10% on credit & debit card processing fees every year.

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Next Day Funding

We process transactions on the largest and most reliable payment platform in the world, and we deposit funds to your accounts within 24-hours of the transaction.

Trust Account Compliant

We separate and safeguard the trust account and operating account, allowing you to process payments for both accounts, but taking processing fees from only the operating account.

How eLaw Works


Funds are safeguarded and deposited into your trust account (IOLTA).

Processing fees are not deducted from retainers, just what you earned.

Earned Fees

ePaymentAmerica will calculate and deduct applicable processing fees.

Funds are deposited into your operating account with next day availability.

Smart and secure practice management software, for modern law firms who want to get the most out of their business and their technology.

Practice Anywhere

On your phone, your tablet, your laptop or desktop, this cloud solution for managing your practice is everywhere you are.

Sync it All

Sync your calendars, tasks, documents, notes, and more with the flexibilty to use Google or Outlook.

Time & Expenses

Capture effort for all activities including meetings, emails, phone calls, tasks, and more. Mark billable as needed.